Building the capability to consistently meet and exceed targets while increasing employee engagement and safety

In 2019 the author (Hendrik) attended a number of Mining Conferences in Australia.


In summary: Mining is facing increased pressure to deliver around social license to operate, attracting talent to an unfashionable industry (seen as offering limited career opportunities), improved safety and increasing workforce diversity,  all while coping with falling grades and improving productivity/being competitive.

What concerns us is that we did not hear anything that provides comfort regarding game-changing ideas in the pipeline for sustainable mining.

The industry agrees with the problems to address, but the strategy does not seem to be obvious. Time poor Mining executives and workers "need to renew efforts to better satisfy a growing range of stakeholders", and at the same time they have to "holistically transform their enterprises end to end to cope with the demands of automation and digitization". Will "doing what we did before, just better" deliver? Probably not.

At Stratflow, we believe that these problems are the result of widely held myths about the best way to manage organisations, while these were very useful at the time, they have outlived their usefulness and need to be adjusted.

This is the reason for this Blog, we would like to bring together a critical mass of practitioners that can deliver on the broader needs of the mining industry.