We will unshackle your team through an easy, proven methodology.  We will develop your capability and introduce proven solutions that are easy to apply and we will assist you and your team in winning the race.  We will guide your thinking and existing measurements towards a new way of doing the work.  The new way of doing will fit into your current system and will operate with minimal interference and changes, while reducing your overall workload significantly. 

Our Three phased approach

Phase 1: The first phase is a 3 day strategic assessment process.  We would like you to engage us for three days to do a strategic assessment.  We want to visit your operations and do interviews with your direct reports and some next level managers.  We will then develop an offer you cannot refuse.

Phase 2: If you agree to proceed, we will start with building the capability and designing your specific solution. It will inform an overall flow model, a buffer management system and management approach.

Phase 3: We will be your experienced guides while implementing the plan. We will find new ways to do the real work and achieve the results that you want.  We will refine the model, the measurements and the desired behaviors and will start to see indicators of the results within 1-2 months.  You will have us as experienced guides all the way and we hope to build a long lasting trust relationship.

The initial aim is to experience at least 20% improvement, materializing in a significant shift in net profit.

In essence we want to engage you on a journey of an operational culture transformation.   It will transform your organization’s results, the way of work, the engagement of employees and the bottom line.  The improvements will put you on a success journey and enable your social license to operate in a way you never imagined possible.