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Miners have difficulty in meeting their targets - we help you to quickly exceed them.
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The Problem

Our clients face problems ranging from difficulty in achieving mandated operational results, to empowering employees to innovate and work safely.  If the mine is under constant pressure to achieve its KPI's, employees are often stressed and disengaged. This can affect safety and will rob you of peace of mind.


We believe the root cause of stop-start workflow and missing of KPI's are due to mining departments being stuck in their silos.

We know from experience that when we unlock the potential in these silos the results are guaranteed.

The Stratflow Insight

The insight that we had was to realise that rather than trying to optimise every department or every component of the mine, we should look at the whole mine and find out how to create bottom-line value for the company.  We can release the value in a matter of weeks without spending any money on CAPEX.


In the old days surgeons had to do open hart surgery where today keyhole surgery will do. Over 20 years we have developed TOC for mining, enabling us to go in and operate on only the parts that need fixing. This means that we have minimal impact on your day to day operations and don’t infest your mine with consultants.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will meet your targets every month that we put a substantial proportion of our fees at risk.

Key Benefits
  • Radically improved productivity

  • Improved safety

  • Engaged employees

  • Peace of mind 

  • More time to deal with strategic issues​


The Stratflow Productivity Platform

In this video Stratflow owner, Hendrik Lourens, explains how focus on the actual mining constraint increases profit and enables miners to reliably meet operational KPI's. If you would like to hold a private discussion on how this may help your mine, click on the link.


Projects completed


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Average production increase


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Mining Manager - Iron Ore

"We managed to exceed all of our production targets. The Flow Room has substantially improved the communication and coordination between different departments. It enables our employees to see clearly how their area of responsibility fits into the overall performance and to hold each other accountable. We see problems developing in advance and deal with it in a spirit of calmness. I do not want to manage without it." 

Chief Geologist - Iron Ore

"After the Flow training…we used daily production feedback, production flow and process maps to provide senior and middle management with a holistic view of what was happening…identified the causes of stop/start flow…employees began to believe that they [can] solve problems …and started taking initiative. Employee morale and output increased while cost per ton decreased substantially. The intervention was a great success.”

General Manager - Coal 

"When we started this journey, our guys thought it would be impossible to achieve this but all doubt was removed when they shattered the mine's all time daily production record on Thursday, 6 September 2018. Four of our (five) sections are trending to achieve millionaire status shortly"

Mining Manager - Coal


"Surprisingly simple improvements have been made at negligible cost and in a short space of time we have increased production volumes from an average of 14500 tons per day to 18000 tons per day".

 "Teams made up of colleagues across all levels and disciplines dealt with an initial five focus areas and presented their work at a closeout session in which they determined how the improvements they have made will become part of the new normal...."



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