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Upgrade your War Room

Many mines use a War Room, a place where critical information is displayed and where management gather each morning to coordinate and plan the way forward. This is a good start, but often this is not sufficient for delivering breakthrough results. We have observed many War Rooms where the number of measurements dilute managerial focus. 
The problem is that many of these measurements are opposing measurements- get more of one then you get less of others. In a mining environment decisions are time sensitive and focussing on improving as many measurements as possible could cause critical delays and reduced production. 
What is needed is a focussing mechanism that will highlight the few critical levers responsible for most of the production, as well as the means to protect these levers (bottlenecks) from starvation or blockage. At Stratflow we have developed the Productivity Platform and the Flow Room to make this happen. (see pages 4 and 5)

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