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A dual management operating system to improve digitilisation and automation outcomes in mining

A dual management operating system to improve digitalisation and automation outcomes in mi
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Mining executives are battling to keep up with the pace of change. While the social, financial, environmental stakes are rising, they are expected to also holistically transform their enterprises end-to-end to cope with the demands of automation and digitisation, and to attract and retaining highly skilled employees. But there is a problem; the hierarchical structures and organisational processes are not capable of delivering the agility organisations need to cope with rapid change.

It is possible to remove the cultural obstacles in trying to achieve success in Digitalisation, Internet of Things and automation while improving productivity, employee engagement and managing the risks inherent in change. We need to create a change platform to do this, not launch another change program. By changing management paradigms, effort can be focussed where it will deliver outsized returns, and bottom-up improvement becomes possible.

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