Stability & Agility (25 October 2019)

Social License, Safety and Innovation are emergent properties of a system and require a different way of working to be successful. This webinar sketch the problems caused by the big Three Myths and how to deal with them. The November Mining Differently 1 day Workshop will deal with this in detail.


Stability (29 August 2019)

Building the capability to consistently meet and exceed targets while increasing employee engagement and safety

McKinsey's MineLens shows a precipitous drop in mining productivity since 2004. This is in spite of the fact that MineLens compensates for declining grades. A slight increase is noticeable but nowhere near that which was lost.


















The Gallup State of the Global workplace shows that employee engagement in Australia dropped from 24% to 19%. Anecdotal evidence suggests that employee engagement in mining is not improving, despite a general understanding of the benefit and effort towards making it happen.

Have we reached a plateau in our ability to improve on each of these issues individually as well as collectively? Peter Senge claimed: "Today's problems come from yesterday's solutions". In this webinar, we introduce how yesterday's solutions have led to two myths that control current mining thinking.

Myth 1: The best way to run a mine is to focus on cost certainty and manage people as if they are parts of a machine.

Myth 2: Mine operations should be optimised from start to finish to produce the best results.

In this webinar we will deal with these Myths and share an alternate way of thinking and doing that delivered great results in 85+ mine interventions worldwide. Hendrik will show managers how to create superflow in a spirit of calmness and meet targets consistently. This method gives an average 20% increase in output, typically within six months (without increased capex), using a people-centred intervention that dramatically improves the coordination between departments and across levels of the organisation. This creates the platform from which to address productivity, engagement and safety.

In a future webinar Gary Wong will deal with Myth 3: We can achieve social licence acceptance and safety aims within our current management paradigm by pursuing effective culture change.





Webinar Outcome: 

Gain an understanding of how current business paradigm shackles performance and what to change.

Gain an understanding of the new thinking model (paradigm ) required for success.

Learn how to cause the change in your business: Knowing what to stop and what to start doing.

Gain an understanding of what is possible with this thinking model in different types of mining.