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Breakthrough Longwall Performance

See how the SIMEC Tahmoor Coking Coal mine used TOC to shift their focus from trying to maximise tonnes from the longwall to ensuring their CHPP plant runs at peak performance 24/7, only stopping for planned maintenance. Since the CHPP is the bottleneck this means that they have the potential to add considerable additional revenue per year.

The new way of working means that there will be periods where the longwall is required to stop (time to do process work, maintenance or help out in other parts of the operations) - a challenging transition, but crucial for maximising Flow. This video demonstrates how they leveraged TOC and the Flow Room to synchronize operations in the short and long term across development, the longwall, and the CHPP plant. A big shoutout to senior and middle management for their outstanding efforts in ensuring this change could happen and in effectively communicating this to the frontline, fostering buy-in and engagement. This was a fun and rewarding engagement for Stratflow too!

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